The auditing company ecospect GmbH offers customary auditing services and is also specialised in transaction Services.


You are legally obliged to have your annual financial statements audited, or your investors or lenders expect you to do so…More >

Transactions- Services

You are on the lookout for a successor for your company, intend to purchase a company, enlarge your group by acquiring further companies or implement group-internal restructuring measures…More >

Business Consulting

Business consulting contains professional services in the area of finance, such as business planning … More >

Our core activities are:

  1. Audits of annual financial statements / special audits
  2. Valuations of companies and intangible assets
  3. Advisory Services for Company acquisitions or disposals (due diligence / Mergers & Acquisitions)
  4. Business planning
  5. Support Services, such as preparing consolidated financial statements


  • Since July 2015, the base rate calculated using the Svensson method has amounted to approx. 1.5% More >
  • The base rate for the simplified capitalised earnings value method for the 2016 calendar year amounts to 1.10% (2015: 0.99%). More >
  • Valuation Service:

    Current base rate (Svensson-Methode)